Tassels, Crosses, Gala Cord, Drum Cord, Whistle Cords, Shoulders, Forage, Gallons


uniform accessories, shoulder pads, uniform accessories


Uniforms and costumes that will look great when completed with shoulder pads and foragers.

We make metal shoulder pads, in rayon both as an adult and as a child. We also have drum cords, whistle cords, slats and tassels, saber-to-saber fiardodes, control poles and gallons.

Forage with metal heads, or with fringe tassels, metal with tassels, rayon without tassels, rayon with metal heads.

Lots of products trimming to complement uniforms in different fabrics, colors and finishes.

If you need further information do not hesitate to contact us. We are wholesalers and we are dedicated to its manufacture and wholesale.