Manufacturer of cotton, metal, rayon, acrylics… for fashion, home, liturgical ornaments. Handmade wings of all shapes and colors, handmade with our tradition.

Manufacture and sale of trimming items: tassels, gallons, fringes, laces, saddles, forage and shoulder pads, cingulos, buttons and wings.

BRAID TRIMMING: For professionals in the sector.

Trimming items for haberdashery, dedicated shops, warehouses, small and large shops, designers, tailors, dressmakers, tailors, religious orders, music bands…

We manufacture a quality item. We offer an adaptable customer service, custom designs. Latest technology in the manufacture of these handrails.

Undoubtedly a beautifying product in garments that gives elegance and complements any design. In case you are interested do not hesitate to contact us. Wholesale for professionals.