Manufacturer of cotton buttons, metal, rayon, acrylics… for fashion, home, clothing and uniform collections, liturgical ornaments. Handmade buttons of all shapes and colors, handmade with our tradition.

Manufacture and sale of high handrails: tassels, gallons, fringes, laces, saddles, forage and shoulder pads, cingulos, buttons and wings.

BUTTONS: Distribution to professionals in the sector.

Wholesale handrails for haberdashery, dedicated shops, warehouses, small and large shops, designers, tailors, dressmakers, tailors, religious orders, music bands… We are wholesalers for professionals in the textile and footwear sector.

We manufacture a quality item. We offer an adaptable customer service, custom designs. Latest technology in the manufacture of these handrails.

Manufacturers of buttons in thread, in different sizes for all kinds of clothing, accessories and accessories. Multiple designs that can be adapted to our customers and their projects. Special for clothing, popular and uniform parties or first communion.

Feel free to contact us, our customer service department to offer you different options. With the guarantee that offers the long experience in its national manufacture.